Run Time 2 min

At the end of the day, just leave it all behind you. All of your commitment and passion to succeed is just a fun role that you play for a little while.

Some of us started a business which became successful after many years of hard work. We were seen as leaders and experts in our field. At the peak of our success, we sold our business, transitioned it to the new owner, and then left to do other things.  Many people who knew us were shocked: they thought that we loved what we did so much that they couldn’t understand why we would leave it. To us, this was a simple matter of feeling like we had done what we had set out to do and it was time to move on.

The ultimate fun is in letting go of that which you love.  At some point it’s time to shift into the next phase: getting attached to a particular aspect of your work limits you and defines you much too narrowly.

Use that sense of timing that you develop through meditation to know when it’s time to switch roles and find a new dream.