Run Time 2 min

Everything is inherently empty, and the experience of an entrepreneur is no exception. Realize that the daily ups and downs, successes and failures, victories and setbacks are simply the surface of a vast shining reality. The substance of all of these experiences is perfection. That is what emptiness really means: nothing that seems solid has any inherent solidity, but that makes things no less magical or extraordinary. The fabric of eternity exists in every moment.

This lesson may not seem like it applies to this series, but the entrepreneur that realizes emptiness has an advantage: changing the world, the often ridiculed ultimate mission of the disruptive entrepreneur, is ultimately just a game. The world is a construct of our perception. It is empty with no inherent existence. The only change we can make is in our own perception. By knowing it's a game, the entrepreneur can focus on playing it well rather than getting distracted by emotion and attachment. 

The true meaning of emptiness is not in any way bleak. It simply means that external appearances and outcomes are all illusions in that they don’t last.  We can enjoy these illusions for what they are, without assigning them a permanence and significance they don’t have. We may love a movie, but we don't get depressed when it's over, it's only a movie. If it was really good it expanded us, but we move on regardless. 

We can learn to find the deeper parts of ourselves and lasting happiness if we give ourselves to the journey.  

Just have fun with it, and allow the journey to take shape as it sees fit.