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Being a successful entrepreneur requires energy.

People describe successful entrepreneurial leaders as having boundless amounts of energy.  The reality is that entrepreneurs get more tired and have more difficult days than almost anyone else because of the large amounts of responsibility, pressure, and hard work they face.  The difference is that they know how to monitor their energy level, how to increase their energy, and how to use it efficiently. They usually don’t let themselves get “taken out”, by others, or by themselves. Or if they do, they know how to get themselves back in the game.

True leaders realize that energy is about much more than just their physical energy level. What people usually refer to as charisma, the ability to influence and inspire others, is an energy.  The will it takes to overcome obstacles and win is also energy. The ability to buck trends, disrupt, and innovate whole new ways of doing things is energy.  All of this energy is the same energy as the life force, the ki or kundalini, that we discuss in other series on Living Flow.  The kundalini isn't just for yogis seeking enlightenment.  All of us have life energy: harnessing it and managing it allows us to accomplish incredible feats. 

Actionable Insights

  • Try this Living Flow visualization to increase your energy level: Tower of Light
  • Get yourself back in the game with the Living Flow Series Overcoming Stress