Run Time 2 min

An entrepreneur needs to be kind and compassionate. Wait a minute, how can someone be both ruthless and kind? Why do they need to be kind? Well, the truth is you can succeed financially without being kind. But you will burn everything along the way, especially your own happiness. You also will never gain the trust and respect of your team. Ultimately, a lack of kindness shows a misunderstanding that you believe you are in your position because you are better than other people, when actually you just happen to be playing a particular role today, like an actor. You are no better or worse than anyone else. You are just doing something that you are drawn to do.

If you start to succeed as an entrepreneur, life will call on you to be understanding of the situations of those around you:  your staff that is struggling with personal issues, your customer who will lose their job if things don’t go well with your product or service, the investor who is losing patience,  the partner that needs more time to deliver on their commitments…the list goes on!

It’s really difficult in the thick of battle to remember to be kind. That's what makes the entrepreneur's journey so interesting and challenging! But ultimately the ability to be kind and generous can drive you and will improve your state of mind and the states of mind of everyone around you.