Run Time 2 min

Successful entrepreneurs can be ridiculously and even annoyingly optimistic. They believe in things that shouldn’t be possible. That is because entrepreneurship is about altering reality. There is no one reality: mysticism and quantum physics both teach us this.  Realities are created by our perception. Entrepreneurs seem like optimists to everyone else because they see realities that other people don’t see.   Visionaries can see realities that haven’t manifested to other people yet.  Their optimism is part of the energy and intuition that we covered earlier: they have the vision and willpower to manifest that reality. If they are not optimists, they simply will not believe that their vision can be realized, and it will never happen.

But optimism doesn’t only apply to the vision. As entrepreneurs, optimism is our weapon we take in to battle every day. We almost always see a way through when others don’t. This optimism is what allows us to overcome extraordinary challenges.  This is also a valuable skillset for anyone looking to make significant inner progress in this lifetime.