Run Time 1 min

The lack of stillness is what keeps people from making the right decisions. With too much clutter in the mind, we miss what’s happening around us. We only hear our own noise and the noise of others.

By quieting the mind and cultivating stillness, the entrepreneur can make good decisions quickly. Yes, there are times when we need to analyze data systematically and apply critical thinking. But for many of the decisions that count, we need to be able to move much more quickly and to go with what feels right intuitively in the moment.

Most people lack stillness. They miss a lot of what’s going on right in front of them because they can't see past the clutter of their minds, so they end up making a lot of bad calls.  As an entrepreneur, making a bad call could easily mean destroying your business.

All of the busyness and extra hours in the world will not overcome a lack of stillness. As an entrepreneur, cultivating stillness needs be your top priority. Out of your stillness will come everything else that you need.