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Most people don’t dream big enough. They just don’t see the possibilities broadly enough.  These are limitations of mind. We don’t see the possibilities of an idea because we don’t see our own possibilities.

As we start to explore an inner practice, we begin to realize that we are much less limited than we thought.  Entrepreneurs with big visions are able to push past their limitations and see much bigger outcomes than those around them.

Many times we meet smart and energetic entrepreneurs who aren’t dreaming big enough. Sometimes an idea is so good that things sort themselves out in the marketplace and it becomes a runaway success despite the entrepreneur's limited vision. But much more frequently a big idea needs to be envisioned, focused on, and manifested.

The inner entrepreneur needs to always ask herself if she is taking an idea far enough. From there,  she can work back to what it will take to get there, and break it out into much more achievable stages.

The entrepreneur with the flexible mind can differentiate between spinning big ideas and dropping down into the details of executing the big ideas.  Sometimes it requires a team of big picture people and detail oriented people that can work well together. The well rounded leader can switch gears between these different modes of envisioning and doing.