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What we think of as the will to accomplish things and persevere is also an aspect of the same inner energy of the life force.

Entrepreneurs learn how to harness that inner energy.   Some formally practice meditation, many don’t. The ones that don’t meditate formally do other things that will raise their energy level and mental clarity. Meditation and similar activities raise us above the clouds of negativity and doubt that make it impossible to envision and accomplish the extraordinary.  Those clouds surround too many people like a thick and toxic smog that’s propagated by society, the media, and our own conditioning.

So successful people tend to spend some time alone, either in nature, or anywhere where they feel clear and inspired about their vision.

They also exercise daily, or close to it. Exercise allows our bodies to feel great and pulls us out of negative mental routines. Sometimes we feel tired, and we think it’s physical tiredness, but it’s really the daily grind and things going through our mind that are making us feel tired. Exercise allows us to blow those things away.   

If you don’t already have a practice for increasing your energy and will, we of course recommend meditation and mindfulness.  They really work! Please see the Living Flow Series'  What Is Meditation and How to Be Mindful to begin your journey on these topics if you haven't already. 

As you become established in such practices, you will gain the pure energy it takes to make your entrepreneurial adventure a success. You can learn all of the hard skills required to start and grow a business, but if you don’t have enough inner energy and will, the business will not succeed no matter how smart and well trained you are.

The other aspect of will is perseverance. A very small number of people get lucky and do well without much apparent effort. Perhaps it is good karma. For the rest of us, success requires extreme amounts of perseverance.  It is a grueling endurance race that lasts much, much longer than you can imagine.  You will need all of the energy you can muster to keep going.

Actionable Insight

  • The ancient practice for developing will is meditation on the navel energy center, it is used in martial arts as well as to develop mental concentration, we've provided guided practice for you here