Living Flow Standard
  • Learn meditation and mindfulness
  • Techniques and topics for living a fuller life
  • Powerful practice sessions suitable for beginners 
  • Introduction to the Enlightenment Cycle 
  • Series on peak experiences
  • Living Flow 7-Day challenge
Living Flow Premium
$ 6.99 /MO
  • Everything from the Standard plan plus: 
  • Intermediate and advanced meditation
  • Career and entrepreneurship series
  • Monthly live streamed meditation workshops
  • Complete library of live streamed events
  • Free entry to One Living Flow live event per month
  • Access to private Living Flow online community
  • Discounts on Living Flow books, ebooks, and audiobooks
Inner Entrepreneur
$ 10.99 /MO
  • Everything from the Premium plan plus: 
  • Inner Entrepreneur courses
  • Weekly workshops / discussion forums 
  • Exclusive Slack community
  • Inner Entrepreneur exclusive events

More Ways To Get Living Flow

Living Flow also offers books, webinars, and live events.

Explore Living Flow Books

The deepest and most powerful teachings on meditation in an entertaining and enlightening manner.

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Live Streamed Events

Living Flow hosts live streamed events that you can join virtually or in person.

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What you can get out of Living Flow

Optimizing the Body, Mind and Spirit

Meditation and Mindfulness Essentials

  • Guided powerful practices suitable for beginners and experienced meditators
  • Visualizations, Breathing Exercises

Guidance on Your Journey of Self Discovery

  • Explore the nature of reality
  • Learn about the enlightenment cycle and the mystery school teachings
  • Learn about times and places of power

Find your Flow in Work, School, and Play

  • How to succeed in work and school
  • Get guidance on the entrepreneur's journey
  • Learn how to have peak experiences in sports, nature, or anytime

A Healthier Mind, Body, and Spirit

  •  Live a happy and healthy life with meditation and mindfulness

Overcome Stress and Anxiety

  • Learn what causes stress and how to counteract it
  • Practice techniques available for emergencies or whenever you need them

What People Are Saying

Real results from people like you

From Emma - Marketing Leader: 

"For years, I would dabble in meditation and mindfulness, but nothing really stuck or turned into a consistent practice until I came across Living Flow. Now I meditate (almost) every day and it has improved every area of my life."


From Ian Cross - Entrepreneur and Snowboarder:

"The difference Living Flow’s snowboarding meditations made in my riding has been night and day, now I am a much better rider and I enjoy it even more. Whereas technical instruction hadn’t done much to progress my ability, the simple shift in perspective instilled by the Living Flow exercises took me from feeling like I was losing a a fight with the mountain, to an effortless glide down it within just a few runs. "


From Lia Arntsen - Wellness Coach:

"By attending the Living Flow Boulder and Denver workshops and using the online courses, I have been able to recommit to my practice after having a decade long on again-off again relationship with meditation. I resonate with these techniques and lessons and have felt a noticeable, positive difference in how I view and approach the world around me and within me. Meditation and mindfulness are tools I enjoy sharing with others and the Living Flow app and online courses are great ways to introduce people to the concept of expanding consciousness and finding balance."

From Scarlet Sanchez - Personal Assistant: 

"I attended one workshop and immediately fell in love. The topics of the lecture excited my heart. Living Flow has provided a community where people strive to live in the moment. The techniques,  if exercised, will provide moments of peace, clarity, and mindfulness. I’m lucky to have found such a great environment."


Frequently Asked Questions

If you're still not sure...

How is Living Flow different than other meditation apps and platforms?

Living Flow teaches powerful meditation and mindfulness practices as tools to expand consciousness and live life to its fullest potential.  We also provide a roadmap and structure you can follow on your journey of inner evolution. We recognize and respect that there are as many styles of meditation as there are people. Living Flow is for you if you want to explore techniques that can lead to radical shifts in consciousness, happiness, and success. 

What kind of material is available on Living Flow?

Living Flow contains meditation and mindfulness practices and short courses called Series. The series are fun and illuminating, and frequently combine audio, video, and text.  

We cover all aspects of living, so we include series on career, entrepreneurship, sports and adventure, stress management, and relationships. 

We add new material every month, so your plan will keep providing you new practices and series to learn from. Premium members will also get access to private Living Flow online community and livestream events. 

What is Living Flow based on and how do I know that the practices will work?

The founders of Living Flow each have over 25 years of experience in meditation and applying what they've learned in a transformative way that has created extraordinary inner and outer success. They credit their extraordinary teacher and powerful teachings on transformative meditation. The way to know whether these practices will work for you is to try them and see! 

Is Living Flow only an app and website or is there more?

Yes, there's much more! Living Flow features several practice communities with live streamed events.  As the authorized publisher for the Frederick P. Lenz Foundation for American Buddhism, we also publish books on meditation and higher consciousness. We are adding new aspects to Living Flow all of the time, so please check back with us frequently. 

When would I choose the paid premium plan instead of the free standard plan? 

The free standard plan will teach you how to get started with a regular meditation practice and provide guided meditations that you can use anytime. It also lays out a roadmap for how you can make progress in your practice when you are ready to take it further. 

The paid premium plan includes a deeper dive into more powerful meditation practices, special topics and practices on overcoming stress and anxiety, career, entrepreneurship, sports, adventure, and everyday life hacks. It also gives you unlimited access to our livestreamed events, access to the Living Flow private online community,  free attendance at in person events, and discounts on our books, ebooks, and audio books. 

How can I get more involved with Living Flow? 

By getting in touch with us through our Contact Us page. We would love to get your feedback, ideas, and even content you may want to share. We will also direct you to local resources in the Living Flow community.